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6 Reasons Fire Bowls Are A West Coast Essential

Adapting to the Seasons with Style

Fire bowls have changed the game to create a relaxing backyard atmosphere. At Heat Savers Home Comfort, we know that an evening unwinding with family and friends around a cozy fire is the perfect way to end a busy day. A fire bowl is an excellent addition to any patio or deck, including those built with wood.  

Bola fire bowls only require seven feet of overhead clearance and two feet of clearance on all sides, making them an excellent choice to create the backyard haven you’ve always dreamed of. Standing up well to Canadian weather and with a beautiful aesthetic, Bola offers the choice of textured or smooth grey charcoal and a wide variety of glass and rock accessories. This outdoor gas fire bowl will keep you warm without compromising on style.

With the most temperate climate in Canada, the West Coast is a prime location for using a gas fire pit. Creating a calm and inviting gathering place in the backyard will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space year-round. 

Join us as we discover 6 compelling reasons a fire pit will elevate your porch or balcony experience.

1. Low Maintenance

While fire pits and bowls are generally hassle-free, implementing these simple housekeeping steps will keep your unit at peak performance:

  • Turn off the gas supply before completing any cleaning or maintenance
  • Check for leaves, dirt or other flammable debris around the burner, pan and bowl
  • Clear the vents for proper airflow
  • Inspect the igniter
  • Empty drains

2. Control The Heat With Ease

Will a fire pit keep you warm? The answer is yes. However, there can be a significant variation between units. Choose a model with at least 50,000 British Thermal Units (BTU) fire equal to a comfortable medium-sized wood-burning fire pit. 

In addition to controlling the heat level with the turn of a dial, the flame’s height can also be fine-tuned to suit your mood. 

3. Safe To Operate When Fire Bans Are In Place

In British Columbia, summer fire bans are becoming more frequent and wood-fuelled backyard fires are banned in many municipalities. Check the latest fire bans and restrictions on the provincial government website to see if your region is affected. Fire bans have led campers and homeowners to seek safe alternatives.

According to Fortis BC, fire bowl appliances offer the perfect solution and are entirely legal. They provide an inviting fire to mingle around without emitting smoke, embers, or sparks that might trigger a forest fire. 

The Wildfire Act permits portable campfire apparatus with CSA or ULC ratings during fire bans. Check with your campground or municipality, as further restrictions may apply. 

4. Practical In Spaces That Might Surprise You

Many fire bowl units have relatively low ceiling clearance requirements from the top of the flame and surrounding the appliance. The placement options are endless as long as the CSA standards are followed and the fire pit is used outside in a well-ventilated space.

Check your condo or apartment guidelines. Many allow fire bowls on balconies and verandas. Open-air screened porches are another place to create a cozy, warming nook.

Don’t let the West Coast rain keep you from enjoying an evening fire. Fire pits are well suited for covered patios, decks or under pergolas. Just keep in mind the CSA clearance requirements of your appliance.

Caution: Operating a fire bowl on grass is not recommended and can start fires.

5. Fire Bowls Are Simple to Use

Fire pits come in many styles, such as the Marquis collection, designed in Canada. Create unforgettable moments with these thoughtfully crafted and stylish fire pits, designed to transform your backyard gatherings.

One feature all gas fire pits share is the ease of operation. Most models, including the FP2085-Round Outdoor Fire Pit, have automatic ignition and can be fuelled by either natural gas or propane with the flick of a switch. Manually lighting your fire bowl with a match or lighter is also an option.

Each unit will have housing where the gas line is stored and a fire pit or bowl where the burners are located. Beneath the bowl, the burners connect with either a natural gas line or a propane hose and tank.

6. Make A Statement

We have an excellent selection of gas fire bowl options, including AFD (American Fire Designs), Marquis, and Dreamcast. Whether you choose natural-looking oak logs or modern lava rock, these eye-catching models will take center stage on your back deck. 

Create an ambience with an outdoor fire bowl designed in Canada by Marquis or Dreamcast.  These quality-crafted and stunningly designed firepits will transform your backyard gathering into one to be remembered.

Heat Savers Home Comfort For All Of Your Fire Bowl Needs

At Heat Savers Home Comfort, your comfort is our priority. Our heating solution expertise will guide you in choosing a beautiful fire bowl for your relaxing backyard gathering space.

Fire pits come in various shapes and sizes and will elevate your design aesthetic. 

Now is the perfect time to contact our experts with your questions about outdoor fire bowls. Our friendly staff is here to guide you through your purchase and ensure you find a fire pit that meets your needs. Come to our Victoria showroom to browse our selection or book an in-home estimate!