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A Homeowner’s Guide To WETT Inspections

Everything You Need To Know About The WETT Inspection Process

Safety is paramount when purchasing a home with a wood-burning appliance. Before you burn, it’s an excellent idea to have a WETT inspection. 

A Wood Energy Technology Transfer inspection (a.k.a. WETT Inspection) is a thorough safety checkup conducted on wood-burning systems such as fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves or flue pipes. A certified inspector can ensure your wood-burning appliance runs well and operates safely.  If an appliance is deemed unsafe and inoperable, an inspector can direct you to a reputable dealer like Heat Savers Home Comfort for a safe replacement model or insert.

Read on to learn about WETT inspections, how to find an inspector and what you can learn from a WETT Report.

How Do I Find an Inspector?

Finding a certified WETT inspector is easy. Simply visit WETT Inc. and enter your location and the services required. Here, you’ll discover a handy list of local inspectors, along with their qualifications and contact information.

They certify individual members rather than specific companies, though many WETT-certified members do work for larger companies. To verify that your inspector is certified, refer to their website or call their office at 1-800-358-9388. Each accredited member should have a picture ID with a sticker for the current year of practice.

Heat Savers Home Comfort is happy to refer you to the excellent inspectors we’ve enjoyed working with for an inspection of your existing system.  We also have our own WETT Certified installers here at Heat Savers to install and ensure all our wood appliance installs are installed to WETT standards.

What Type of Inspector Do I Need?

When completing WETT inspections, your inspector will follow a Standardized Inspection and Testing Evaluation (SITE) using the guidelines and procedures outlined by the Wood Energy Technology Transfer organization. WETT Inspections are sometimes required during real estate transactions or when purchasing home insurance. 

The type of WETT Inspector you need will depend on the wood-burning system you own and the reason you require a report.

 There are four types of WETT-certified professionals:

  1. SITE Basic Inspector – Complete Level 1 inspections
  2. Technician – Install or maintain wood-burning appliances and complete Level 1 and Level 2 inspections
  3. Chimney Sweep – Maintain and clean chimneys in addition to completing Level 1 and Level 2 inspections
  4. SITE Comprehensive Inspector – Complete any of the above duties

Besides the above inspections, routine inspections, like chimney sweeps, should occur every two years and dampers and flues should be assessed every five years. 

What Type Of Inspection Do I Need?

The type of inspection required will depend on the wood-burning system, the level of accessibility and the reason for the inspection. 

Here is a simple breakdown of Levels 1, 2, and 3 inspections. 

  • Level 1 Inspection or Visual Inspection

If your wood-burning system is readily accessible and does not require specialized tools or ladders, a Level 1 inspection is likely all you need. A WETT inspection for insurance is usually fulfilled with a visual inspection. Your jurisdiction may also require a visual inspection to meet the fire code.

  • Level 2 Inspection or Technical Inspection

If your fireplace or woodstove requires removing panels or doors or needs a ladder to access, a Level 2 inspection may be required. In cases of an apparent malfunction, smoke spillage or unusual soot accumulation on an appliance, you may need a more thorough assessment from a technician or chimney sweep.

  • Level 3 Inspection or Invasive Inspection 

A Level 3 inspection may be necessary when a wood-fueled heater is concealed. Inspectors may need to use specialty tools and remove constructed areas to gain access. Certain events, such as chimney fires, seismic activity or other areas of concern, may prompt an invasive inspection.

A WETT inspection examines the elements of a wood-burning appliance in greater detail. It often includes rooftop visits to assess the chimney for ventilation or structural issues.

What Can I Expect From a WETT Report?

A WETT report will tell you if your wood-burning system is up to code and safe to operate. In addition to outlining whether your unit is in compliance or has deficiencies, a report typically includes the following:

  • Appliance type
  • Certification markings
  • Clearances

WETT reports highlight areas of concern, indicate where repairs are necessary and provide direction on correcting deficiencies. WETT inspection costs will vary depending on the distance travelled, the documentation provided, and the type of inspection required.

Note: WETT inspections do not include making repairs

What If My System Needs to be Replaced? 

Look no further – Heat Savers Home Comfort is here to help! We offer a wide variety of wood-burning systems to bring warmth and ambiance to any home. 

  1. STUV Fireplaces – From zero clearance inserts to elegant units with simple, clean lines, our large range of STUV models offer combustion systems that operate at 75% efficiency
  2. Enviro – Locally built in Sannichton, British Columbia, Enviro’s fireplaces are known for their excellent reputation and innovative, high-quality options 
  3. Aurora – These functional and beautiful suspended fireplaces are true showpieces that double as pizza ovens

In British Columbia, the Ministry of Air, Land and Water recommends seeking expert advice when purchasing a new wood stove, fireplace, or insert. At Heat Savers Home Comfort, our knowledgeable experts can help you determine the correct stove size, clearances, and outputs for your space. 

Heat Savers Home Comfort – Wood-Burning Solutions For Modern Homes

At Heat Savers Home Comfort, we take our wood appliance installs seriously and ensure all of our installs are completed to WETT standards and provide a letter certifying this.  If you require a replacement appliance, we’re here to help you choose the ideal heating solution and assist you with setup. You can trust our professional installation team to handle your installation with expertise and outstanding customer service. 

Why wait? Let Heat Savers Home Comfort transform your family gathering space with a stunning wood-burning fireplace that will add warmth for a lifetime. Contact Heat Savers today for a consultation, and let us help you select the perfect fireplace for your home.