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7 Reasons To Choose a Fireplace Dealer Rather Than a Box Store

Highlighting The Key Advantages That Set Fireplace Dealers Apart

What’s so special about a fireplace dealer? Deciding to purchase a new fireplace can be a daunting task. Not only is it a large purchase, but a fireplace is also a critical element of your home’s decor and function.  

It’s important to research and understand how to choose the best option for your individual needs. Within your research, you’ll discover where to buy a fireplace and determine if you want to go to a fireplace dealer, hire an independent contractor or visit one of the big box stores for this crucial purchase.

Read on to discover the unparalleled advantages of choosing a trusted fireplace dealer, such as Heat Savers Home Comfort, in Victoria, BC. In the realm of warmth and ambiance, not all retailers are created equal, and understanding the distinct benefits of choosing to work with a fireplace dealer rather than an independent contractor or box store can make all the difference in your home comfort journey. 

From mandatory installation warranties and dedicated service departments to exclusive access to original replacement parts, fireplace suppliers like Heat Savers go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. 

Join us as we delve into the 7 compelling reasons why opting for a dealer sets the stage for a cozy, worry-free experience!

Reason #1: Installation Warranty Advantage

One significant benefit you’ll enjoy when buying your fireplace from a dealer is the provision of an installation warranty. This guarantee is something that many independent contractors and box stores don’t offer. 

Why is an installation warranty important? Imagine a scenario where your newly installed fireplace malfunctions due to an installation error. Without a warranty, you’re left to personally cover the cost of repairs or, worse yet, a complete reinstallation.

When you buy from a fireplace dealer, they’ve got you covered. That installation warranty isn’t just a piece of paper, it’s a promise. A promise that if anything goes wrong due to the installation process, they’ll make it right at no extra cost. 

Reason #2: In-House Service Departments

Another perk you’ll appreciate when dealing with fireplace dealers is their commitment to customer satisfaction, embodied in their in-house service departments. When deciding where to buy a fireplace, this should factor heavily in your decision.

In-house service departments mean that all your needs are handled under one roof. From the initial consultation to the installation and maintenance, the dealer’s experts are constantly working to ensure you’re satisfied. They’re incredibly well-versed in their products and services and can offer tailored advice and solutions to almost any project.

Conversely, independent contractors might not have the same resources or expertise. They may install your fireplace well, but what about after-sales service? In the event that something goes wrong after installation, you’ll want the reassurance of a dedicated service department to turn to.

Reason #3: Access to Replacement Parts

One significant advantage you’ll enjoy when buying from a dealer is their direct access to original replacement parts. Unlike independent contractors and box stores, fireplace suppliers maintain reliable partnerships with manufacturers. These relationships mean they can readily source genuine parts whenever you need repairs or replacements.

  • Imagine your fireplace develops a problem and needs a particular component replaced. If you purchased the fireplace from an independent contractor, there’s a chance that you could face a challenging, time-consuming process in the hunt for the replacement part. Worse, you could end up with a substandard piece that compromises the performance and safety of your fireplace.

Purchasing from a reputable fireplace dealer eliminates these worries. Dealers can promptly secure the exact part you need, ensuring your fireplace is back up and running quickly.

Reason #4: Direct Safety Recall Notifications

When you buy from a fireplace dealer, you’re directly notified about safety recalls from the manufacturer. This means you won’t be left in the dark if a default is discovered in your fireplace model. The dealer is responsible for informing you promptly so you can take the necessary safety precautions.

On the other hand, if you buy from an independent contractor, you might not receive these vital updates. Recalls can slip through the cracks, and you may unknowingly continue using a potentially dangerous product, putting you and your family at risk.

Reason #5: Parts Warranty and Eligibility

With every fireplace purchase, the assurance of a Parts Warranty is a significant aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. When you buy from a fireplace dealer, you’re often granted a warranty on parts. This warranty is your safety net. If any part malfunctions or breaks down, the dealer must replace it, often at no extra cost to you.

The extra security of a Parts Warranty may not always be offered when you purchase from an independent contractor. While an initial lower price might seem attractive upfront, not all transactions are created equal. While some contractors might offer a warranty, oftentimes, they’re not necessarily equipped to provide the original, high-quality replacement parts you might need. Furthermore, if your fireplace is purchased under a contractor’s name instead of your own, it could compromise your eligibility for a manufacturer’s parts warranty.

Reason #6: Specialized Manufacturer Training

You’ll appreciate knowing that fireplace dealers undergo specialized manufacturer training, ensuring they’re well-versed in the intricate details of your fireplace’s operation and maintenance. This intensive training allows dealers to master the mechanics of various fireplace models, from traditional wood-burning fireplaces to modern gas inserts.

These professionals gain a deep understanding of the inner workings of fireplaces, such as the venting systems, heat distribution, fuel efficiency, and safety features. This expertise is crucial when installing your fireplace correctly and safely. 

Reason #7: Longevity of Dealership

Working with a fireplace dealer gives you the advantage of stability and longevity in your buying relationship. Dealerships have been around for years and operate with a permanence and reliability that isn’t always guaranteed with independent contractors.

With a dealership, you’re assured of ongoing service, maintenance, and access to original replacement parts. Dealerships have the resources to weather economic downturns and changes in the market, ensuring they’ll be there when you need them.

Get Peace of Mind with Heat Savers Home Comfort

The decision to purchase a fireplace or stove is not merely about bringing warmth into your home – it’s about investing in an enduring source of comfort and peace of mind. 

Opting for a reputable dealer, like Heat Savers Home Comfort in Victoria, BC unveils many benefits beyond what independent contractors can offer. From installation warranties to specialized manufacturer training, our commitment to excellence ensures your home is cozy and protected and that your fireplace is expertly maintained. 

When deciding where to buy a fireplace or stove, consider the long-lasting advantages a dedicated fireplace dealer brings. Ready to transform your space into a haven of warmth and style? Contact Heat Savers today for a consultation, and let’s begin building the perfect fireplace solution for your home. Your comfort is our priority—experience the Heat Savers difference now!