• Vista Classic

    Combine the features and performance of the Vista with the ageless beauty of porcelain finish and your choice of door, leg and trivet finish, and you have the Vista Classic. Traditional elegance with state-of-the-art woodburning performance.
  • Vista

    The elegant choice for heating spaces from 500 to 1500 square feet. Despite its compact size, this is a high-performance woodstove, engineered for powerful heat output, high efficiency and ease of use, with a floating firebox of heavy-gauge steel.
  • Tula

    Compact and easy to operate, the Tula easily fits into any living space and lifestyle. A unique glass frame offers a large viewing area. EPA-certified for its clean burn, the Tula produces a clean and efficient flame.
  • Tribute

    Perfect for a large room or a smaller home, the Tribute will burn for up to 5 hours - so you enjoy 7 hours of HeatLife. The tribute delivers Hearthstone quality and efficiency at an attractive price point.
  • Super Classic

    Enjoy all the outstanding features and performance of the Super wood stove beautifully clad in a lustrous porcelain finish. The Super Classic (formerly the Spectrum Classic) delivers Pacific Energy’s proven wood-burning performance in an elegant, customizable package in your choice of porcelain enamel, door, leg and trivet finishes.
  • Super

    Our most popular woodburning stove, the Super 27 delivers superb heating performance, easy loading and operation, and reliability. Customize your Super 27 to complement your home: mount it on a pedestal, choose from a variety of leg finishes, and select the door style and finish.
  • Summit Classic

    All the features of the Summit, in a beautiful, durable porcelain finish in your choice of colors—plus a selection of door, leg and trivet finishes. the Summit Classic is an elegant, customizable package that delivers the ultimate in wood-burning performance for spaces up to 3000 square feet.
  • Summit

    Crafted for maximum heating capacity, with Extended Burn Technology for the longest burn time, the Summit is the wood stove of choice for bigger spaces and colder nights that will welcome you in the morning with a warm, glowing fire.
  • Shelburne

    A generous heating capacity allows the Shelburne to heat large areas of you home with ease. Traditional cast iron style is complemented by functionality: a soapstone-lined firebox extends the HeatLife, an oversized self-cleaning window makes loading easy and enhances your fire viewing. The Shelburne delivers Hearthstone quality in classic iron…