DreamCast Concrete Fire Pits

DreamCast Concrete Fire Pits

DreamCast Design is a team of local artisans that create fine concrete outdoor fire pits and bowls.  Every piece is hand made and individually finished to their quality standards.

The concrete colors are integral. This means the color is mixed in and is throughout the product and can not be peeled off like a paint. Plus, some colors are made without any pigment at all for natural rich hues.

The DreamCast motto is: “Renew your space with artistic style”.

Fire bowls are a beautiful addition to your outdoor living room.  They add warmth and light to any area. Every DreamCast fire bowl is complete with a CSA approved gas fit burner and decorative lava rock, for a natural yet modern look. Side or bottom gas line access holes available.

All fire bowls are complete with sculpted rims for greater functionality and are available in any of 8 standard colors in a SmoothCast finish.

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